My Top 10 Features for Developers in Summer’19 Release

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1. Fire Platform Events from Batch Apex Classes (Generally Available)

public with sharing class YourSampleBatchJob implements Database.Batchable<SObject>, 
// class implementation

2. Make Long-Running Callouts with Continuations in Lightning Component

3. Configure Your Component for Different Devices

<design:component label="Hello World">
<design:attribute name="subject" label="Subject" description="Name of the person you want to greet" />
<design:attribute name="greeting" label="Greeting" />
<design:supportedFormFactor type="Large"/>
<design:supportedFormFactor type="Small"/>

4. Limit User Access When Delegating Access to Metadata (Generally Available)

5. Monitor Custom Metadata Type Use in System Overview

6. Store More and Larger Debug Logs

7. Process Change Event Messages in Apex Triggers

trigger MyAccountChangeTrigger on AccountChangeEvent (after insert) {
for (AccountChangeEvent event : Trigger.New) {
// Process event messages
@isTest static void testChangeEventTrigger() {
// Enable all Change Data Capture entities for notifications.

// Insert one or more test records
// ...

// Deliver test change events

// Verify the change event trigger’s execution
// ...

8. Choose the Publishing Behavior for Your Platform Event

9. ConnectApi (Chatter in Apex): New and Changed Classes

10. Process Smaller Event Batches in Platform Event Triggers and Recover from Exceptions

trigger ResumeEventProcessingTrigger on Low_Ink__e (after insert) {
for (Low_Ink__e event : Trigger.New) {
// Process the event message.
// ...

// Set the Replay ID of the last successfully processed event message.
// If a limit is hit, the trigger refires and processing starts with the
// event after the last one processed (the set Replay ID).

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