Salesforce Data Architecture & Management Designer Certification — My Experience

Recently I have cleared Salesforce Data Architecture & Management Designer Certification. This is my second Certification on Application Architect Track.

Credential Overview:

The Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer credential is designed for those who assess the architecture environment and requirements and design sound, scalable, and high-performing solutions on the platform as it pertains to enterprise data management.

Exam Outline:

  • 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions* (2–5 unscored questions may be added)
  • 120 minutes allotted to complete the exam (time allows for unscored questions)
  • 68% is the passing score
  • No prerequisites; however, we recommend the training and materials available through the free resource guide for this domain specialty
  • A full exam outline can be found in the exam guide

My Experience:

This is really a good Salesforce certification exam so far, The exam mostly focuses on Large Data Volume, Skinny Tables, MDM, data quality. If you have work on these topics than it is very easy to clear this one.

Here are some examples of the concepts you should understand to pass the exam:

  • Aware of platform-specific design patterns and key limits
  • Understand large data volume considerations, risks, and mitigation strategies
  • Understand LDV considerations with communities
  • Ability to design a data and sharing model that supports an LDV environment
  • Understand data movement best practices in an LDV environment
  • Understand strategies to build an optimized and high-performing solution

Study Material:

Large Data Volumes — Very Useful to walkthrough through Salesforce Data Architecture for Large Data

Data Skewing — A must read to understand how data skewing works.

Optimizing SOQL, List Views, and Reports — Good Insight on how to Maximizing the Performance of SOQL, Reports, and List Views

Bulk API — A must read how bulk API works, Parallel Processing etc.

Primary Key Chunking — Understand What PK Chunking means and how it works.

Data Loading — Learn how Extreme Data Loading works.

API Limits — Very Useful notes on Bulk API Limits

Master Data Management — Very Useful post on How MDM works.

Data Governance and Stewardship in Salesforce — Useful video on Best Practices for Data Governance & Stewardship in Salesforce.

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Quizlet :

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