Top 10 Features for Salesforce Developers in Winter’20 Release #BeReleaseReady

Top 10 Features for Salesforce Developers in Winter’20 Release!
#Salesforce #Release #Winter20 #Developers

1. Lightning Web Components: Open Source

2. Enforce Field-Level Security in Apex (Beta)

3. Expand Apex Testing with the ApexSettings Metadata Type

  • To enable tracking of aggregate, instead of detailed, totals for Apex test coverage data, use the new enableAggregateCodeCoverageOnly field.
  • To enable serial execution of Apex tests, use the new enableDisableParallelApexTesting field.
  • To suppress Apex debug log details in unhandled exception emails, use the new enableDoNotEmailDebugLog field.
  • To prevent Apex test executions from incrementing auto-number fields for non-test records and creating gaps, use the newenableGaplessTestAutoNum field.

4. Query in Bulk API 2.0

  • It does not require you to handle batches. All results are returned in one set.
  • Limits have been simplified and are available to clients via a /limits endpoint.
  • This implementation is better integrated with other Salesforce REST APIs:
  • It does not require a special X-SFDC-Session header.
  • It supports all the regular OAuth workflows.
  • Its design is more consistent with the other Salesforce APIs.

5. Control Who Gets Read Access to Custom Metadata Types

6. Migrate Change Data Capture Channels and Members with Metadata API and Tooling API

7. New Aura Components & Events

8. Lightning Console JavaScript API

9. Monitor Platform Event Publishing Usage in REST API

  • HourlyPublishedPlatformEvents — High-volume platform event notifications published per hour
  • HourlyPublishedStandardVolumePlatformEvents — Standard-volume platform event notifications published per hour

10. Callouts Are Excluded from Long-Running Request Limit

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