Top 5 Features for Salesforce Platform Developer in Spring’21 Release #BeReleaseReady

#Salesforce #Release #Spring21 #LightningDevelopers

1. Create a Lightning Web Component Action (Pilot) #lwc

2. Flag Invocable Apex Methods That Make Callouts #apex

@InvocableMethod(callout=true, label=”My Action Label”)

3. Attach Actions to Asynchronous Apex Jobs Using Transaction Finalizers (Beta) #apex

  • getAsyncApexJobId method: Returns the ID of the Queueable job for which this finalizer is defined.
  • getRequestId method: Returns the request ID shared by both the finalizer execution and the Queueable job to which the finalizer is attached. This shared ID helps in filtering logs of a Queueable job and its attached finalizer.
  • getResult method: Returns the System.ParentJobResult enum, which represents the result of the parent asynchronous Apex Queueable job to which the finalizer is attached. Valid values for the enum are SUCCESS, and UNHANDLED_EXCEPTION.
  • getException method: Returns the exception with which the Queueable job failed when getResult is UNHANDLED_EXCEPTION, null otherwise.

4. Aura Components in the ui Namespace Are Being Deprecated #aura

5. Convert Leads to a Person Account and a Business Account at the Same Time with New LeadConvert Methods #apex

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