Top New Features Coming in Salesforce Summer’18 Release



1. Lightning Essentials — Use Custom Sales Stages for Increased Productivity

2. Lightning Essentials — Eliminate Duplicate Records

3. Lightning Essentials — Update Dependent Picklists from Path

4. Lightning Essentials — Build Flows and Processes in Service Essentials

5. Lightning Essentials — Customize Salesforce with a New Setup App


1. Communities — Customer Service (Napili) Has a New Name

2. Communities — Save Navigation and Tile Menu Changes as Draft

3. Communities — Access Field Service Data in Lightning Communities

4. Communities — Use Activity Timeline in Communities

5. Communities — Allow Community Users to Create Cases with the Contact Support Button


1. Customization — Data Protection and Privacy — Make Users’ Personal Data Unusable by Salesforce at Their Request

2. Customization — Broken Components No Longer Break Lightning Pages

3. Customization — Track Time with the Time Field Type

4. Customization — Use a Formula to Set a Predefined Value for a Picklist Field on an Action

5. Customization — Override the Sender for Approval Request Email Notifications


1. Development — Simplify Your Code with the Apex Switch Statement

2. Development — The SOQL Count() Function Doesn’t Count (As Much) Toward Limits

3. Development — Lightning Component Library Is Generally Available

4. Development — New Lightning Navigation APIs for Lightning Components

5. Development — Lightning Quick Action and Salesforce Classic Publisher JavaScript APIs

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